I would like to let anyone visiting this page know about my past six weeks of training with Mr. Barkley.

To describe my experience in two words....rewarding, and amazing.

I'm a 62 year old father of an 8 years old son. Yes, he's mine and not adopted. Since his birth my overall health and well being has decrease substantially over his 8 years since birth. I was on medications that filled a bathroom sink, extreamly overweight, had acquired type 2 diabetes and had no energy. Due to years of heavy lifting in the construction industry l have aged with very substantial knee damage to both legs. I had a poor diet, l never slept well through a night and could not walk or stand nearly at all due to knee pain.

6 weeks at Rise, l have had a huge turn of events, from 289 to 279 in weight loss, a changed diet, physical exercise, spiritual guidance and removed mental blocks has changed my health in those 6 weeks of training with Mr. Barkley.

Not only am l sleeping well at night, l have more energy, l can walk and stand for amazing periods, and my knee pain is also diminishing maybe due to the change in my diet as well as the strengthening of my leg muscles by the exercise Mr. Barkley is targeting on my legs and around my knees.

I am also learning about my body, it's reactions to foods, and the benifits of changing food habits.

I want to live longer for my son, and frankly never thought that would be a reality until now. I have hope, new life goals, and a support l had not had growing up fatherless and working so hard in my life raising 4 children.

I feel God has opened this door of opportunity and used Rise and Mr. Barkley to put me back on a track again and l hope for you that if your suffering in any way as l was, hopelessly taking hand fulls of doctor prescribed medications with terrible side effects you call Rise, set up a time to talk to Mr. Barkley and get your life back!!!


                                                                                                                                                           Mark Richards

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