• Tammy Barkley

No Change, No Results

Humans are funny creatures.  I know, I’ve been in exactly the same spot as some of you.  You know you want to lose weight, but you want to do it YOUR WAY!  Smart people, who read a lot online, can often times find the exact article that confirms your suspicions that you do not need ________ to lose weight.  It’s all out there.  And I’ve tried most.  All you need is to take this herb, drink, pill, food group, this type of exercise etc. And THEN losing weight will be easy!

I have client who refuse to change the amount of food they are eating and still want to lose weight.  We have inquiries from people who want to lose weight and NOT exercise at all.  But the best and most effective way is to do both!  We need the exercise to keep our metabolism running high as we lower our energy intake.  And to lose weight without changing the amount of food we eat would take working out vigorously 2 hours a day….everyday!  My body would give out!  

We have to be in the right place mentally to take advice and work hard, but we can lose weight and gain our health back!  

The R Method is a slow method of learning what your body needs to be a healthy weight.  And that takes time and diligence.  It’s relatively easy to lose 15 pounds….but we want you to be able to keep it off.  


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